SAE Forums Terms of Use
SAE Forums    Terms of Use

When you log on to SAE's online forums, you agree to SAE's terms of use, which are:

  • You will not use the discussion forum:
    • for private or personal gain.
    • for advertising, promotion, sale, or trading of any product or organization.
    • to post slanderous, obscene, defamatory or potentially libelous statements or graphics.
    • to promote political candidates, parties, or positions.
    • to post copyrighted materials without permission.
  • Participation in the SAE Online Forums will be in accordance with SAE's purpose (to develop, collect and disseminate technical information related to mobility technology) and also in accordance with SAE's Governance Policies and Procedures, as well as its Intellectual Property Policy.
  • SAE reserves the right to republish information posted in its public forums, upon consent of the originator.
  • SAE reserves the right to delete any item which, in its sole opinion, violates these terms of use.
  • SAE reserves the right to limit the use of its online forums to any individual or group at any time.
  • SAE reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time.
  • SAE assumes no responsibility for the content posted or opinions expressed in its online forums.