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Japan-Based Engineers Receive SAE International Award for Automotive Research

WARRENDALE, Pa., July 17, 2009 - Four engineers from Japan are recipients of SAE International's Arch T. Colwell Merit Award. They were honored during the SAE 2009 World Congress in Detroit.

The Colwell Merit Award, established in 1965, annually recognizes the authors of outstanding papers presented at an SAE conference or section meeting. The late Arch T. Colwell, who first funded this award, served SAE International in many capacities for nearly 50 years, including a term as President in 1941. This award is funded through the SAE Foundation.

The following authors were recognized for co-authoring the paper, "Measurement of Piston Skirt Oil-film Pressure under Piston Slap" (SAE paper #2007-01-2215). The paper details efforts to measure oil-film pressure on the piston skirt surface when piston slap noise is generated without affecting the surface geometry, stiffness and mass of the piston.

Mitsuyoshi Kamiya
Kamiya is an engineer in the Honda R&D Co. Ltd. Motorcycle R&D Center in Asaka-shi, Japan. Since joining Honda in 1996, he has conducted research and development on mass-produced motorcycle and automobile engines.

Kamiya is the author/co-author of four documents published by The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, SAE International, and the Japan Society of Automotive Engineers. He received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Tokai University.

Toshiaki Kobayashi
Kobayashi is an Assistant Chief Engineer in the Development Innovation of the Automotive Engine group at Honda R&D Co. Ltd. Automotive R&D Center. In this role, he has been working with the automotive engine in the research of application kinematics and the dynamics of structure.

Kobayashi’s main focus of research is on motion measurement and analysis using numerical simulation of the area of piston behavior. He received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Chuo University in 1989.

Yuji Mihara
Mihara is an associate professor in the Engine Research Laboratory at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Musashi Institute of Technology. His research focuses on tribology, especially reduction of friction and wear using newly developed methods in the components of power units and powertrain.

In addition to being a faculty adviser for the Musashi Institute of Technology Formula SAE team since 2001, Mihari is a member of the National Committee for ISO/TC123 Plain Bearings and a Fellow member of JSAE. He is also the author of more than 30 technical papers on engine tribology.

Mihara received bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from Musashi Institute of Technology.

Tsuneo Someya
Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo, Someya also serves as Chair of technical committee TC123 (plain bearings) and subcommittee TC123/SC6 (terms and common items) for the ISO. From 1995 to 2008, he also served as Chair of the Japanese National Committee for ISO/TC123 Plain Bearings.

Someya has written numerous technical papers, reports, reviews, and three books related to tribology, plain bearings, rotor dynamics, mechanical vibrations, and internal-combustion engines.

Someya received degrees from the Technical University of Karlsruhe, the University of Tokyo and the University of Lodz.

For more information on the award recipients, please contact Kishore Ahuja at North American Lighting,

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