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New SAE Book Highlights Critically Important Function of Tires in Racing and High-Performance Cars

Warrendale, PA,, March 26, 2003 - The Racing and High-Performance Tire by Paul Haney

How a Car Turns a Corner • Rubber • Rubber Friction • Rubber Compounding • Tire Design and Manufacture • Tire Behavior • Balance and Control • Race Tires • Tire Testing and Development • Tire Performance Data • Basic Vehicle Dynamics • Suspension Geometry • Tuning For Grip and Balance.

A partial list of topics covered: Wet weather grip, the importance of inflation pressure, how good drivers maintain control at the limit, the difference between spring rate, wheel rate, and tire rate, and how to choose initial spring rates, anti-roll bar rates, and roll center locations.

Tires and tire technology have changed tremendously over the past twenty years. Consequently, the importance of tuning a high-performance chassis and suspension to match the new, improved rubber provided poses a challenge to automotive engineers. Haney's own views on the importance of tires in high-performance vehicle and racing preparation are clearly stated. He says, "Tires are by far the most important component on a racecar...and there isn't much good information about tires."

The Racing and High- Performance Tire by Paul Haney, ©2003, is a 286-page hardbound book, ISBN 0-7680-1241-4.
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