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SAE International Committee Report Clarifies Aircraft Emissions Testing Procedures

WARRENDALE, Pa., Aug. 31, 2009 -

Ambiguity and unclear language in literature explaining aircraft emissions modeling procedures can often lead to inaccuracy in reporting aircraft pollutant emissions.

A new report by an SAE International committee – AIR5715: Procedure for the Calculation of Aircraft Emissions – has standardized language that will help clarify existing standards on aircraft emissions. The report's easy-to-understand language will assist modelers in creating more consistent results.

"In the past, the descriptions of some methods were often not very clear," said Brian Kim, who chaired an SAE International A21 project work team for calculating aircraft emissions. "Under these previous conditions, two people could read the same descriptions and come up with completely different ideas of how the modeling should be conducted. Subsequently, you would get completely different results.”

"Our committee has attempted to clarify the language and provide a clear, understandable framework for future testing."

The report covers both jet and turboprop aircraft through all modes of operation. In addition, the SAE International report:

·         Presents different emissions modeling methods into a single document.

·         Promotes consistent utilization of methods among different modelers.

·         Helps modelers implement consistent methods, creating clearer understanding of which methods to use for different pollutants and scenarios.

Kim said the report will have broad impact as it is expected to be used by the Federal Aviation Administration, Eurocontrol, the International Civil Aviation Organization, and numerous research institutions.

"We intend to update the document as various methods evolve and new information becomes available," Kim said.

AIR5715 was created by SAE International’s Aircraft Noise Measure and Noise Aviation Emission Modeling committee. The report can be purchased by visiting Media inquiries can be directed to .

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