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Dr.-Ing. Carl-Anders Hergart Receives 2001 SAE Russell S. Springer Award

Warrendale, PA, June 16, 2003 - Dr.-Ing. Carl Anders Hergart, a senior research engineer at General Motors Corporation's R&D and Planning Group, received the 2001 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Russell S. Springer Award. He was presented the award on March 4, 2003 during the Honors Convocation at the annual SAE World Congress in Detroit, Michigan.

This award is given to recognize original and outstanding technical papers which are distinct contributions to the literature of the professions of mobility engineering, and for the encouragement of the younger members. The award is made annually by the SAE to the youngest eligible SAE member whose paper, presented at an SAE sponsored technical conference, is published in SAE Literature in the year for which the award is made. Dr. Hergart was selected to receive the award for his technical paper entitled, "Simulating the Combustion in a DI Diesel Engine Applying a New Model for the Conditional Scalar Dissipation Rate" (2001-01-1001).

Before joining GM in 2003, Dr. Hergart spent five years working for the Ford Research Center in Aachen, Germany, where he conducted research in the area of diesel combustion and participated in engine development activities. At GM, he continues to develop and apply analytical techniques to capture the correct physics and chemistry of the diesel combustion process, supporting the development of new engines.

A member of SAE for four years, Dr. Hergart was a co-organizer of the session on "Diesel Engine Modeling" at the 2002 SAE Spring Fuel and Lubricants Meeting in Reno, Nevada.

He received his doctorate in mechanical engineering from Aachen University in Germany.