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Five Honored with SAE International 2010 Lloyd L. Withrow Distinguished Award

WARRENDALE, Pa., May 19, 2010 - SAE International honored five mobility engineering professionals with the 2010 Lloyd L. Withrow Distinguished Award. The awards were presented during the SAE 2010 World Congress, held recently in Detroit.

The awardees include:

·         Ashley L. Dunn, PhD, PE, project engineer, SEA, Ltd.

·         David E. Foster, professor, mechanical engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

·         Timothy V. Johnson, director, emerging technologies, Corning Inc.

·         Matthew P. Reed, research associate professor, University of Michigan

·         James Turner, senior technical specialist and chief engineer, Powertrain Research Group, Lotus Engineering

Originally established in 1984 as the SAE Distinguished Speaker Award by the Engineering Meetings Board, the award name was changed to the SAE Lloyd L. Withrow Distinguished Speaker Award in 1993 to honor the late Lloyd L. Withrow. The award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding presentation skills. The intent of the award is to maintain a high level of presentations at SAE technical sessions by recognizing individuals who make outstanding presentations at those sessions. The recipient must have received the Oral Presentation Award more than twice to receive this award.

Ashley Dunn’s commercial vehicle expertise includes brake systems, braking and stability evaluations (via testing and computer modeling), and ABS system performance. He spent six years with the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA); NHTSA also sponsored his doctorate research. Dunn has authored or co-authored more than 20 technical publications, most with SAE International. He received the SAE International Meyers Award for Outstanding Student Paper in 2003. Prior to joining SEA Ltd., Dunn worked 10 years with Michelin Tire’s Research and Development Facility as a test engineer/test driver and product development engineer. Dunn earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from North Carolina State University. He earned a master’s degree and a PhD, both in mechanical engineering, from The Ohio State University.

David Foster teaches and conducts research in the areas of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, fuel chemistry and emission formation processes in internal combustion engines. He is an active member of the Engine Research Center, and currently serves as its director. Also, he is co-director of the General Motor’s ERC Collaborative Research Laboratory, a collaborative research effort between General Motors Research and the Engine Research Center that was established in 2003. Foster is an active consultant for industries both in the U.S. and abroad. He has published extensively, in the professional societies serving the combustion and internal engine communities.  Foster is a registered professional engineer in the State of Wisconsin and has won departmental, engineering society, and university awards for his classroom teaching.  He served as a member of the National Research Council PNGV Review Committee for six years, and is currently serving on National Research Council committees to review the DOE FreedomCAR and Fuels Partnership Program and Fuel Economy of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles.  He has been awarded the ASME Honda Gold Medal for outstanding contributions in the field of personal transportation and he is a Fellow of SAE International.   Foster earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He earned his PhD in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Tim Johnson is responsible for tracking emerging mobile emissions regulations and technologies, and helps develop strategic positioning via new products. Johnson is active in various advisory committee roles; he is a member of the U.S. EPA Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, and the EPA Mobile Source Technical Review Subcommittee.  He is also a member of the Northeast States Center for a Clean Air Future (NESCCAF/NESCAUM) board of directors, and is on the Board of Advisors for the Center of Environmental Research and Technology at the University of California, Riverside.  He currently serves as Co-Chairman of the Diesel Emission Control Committee at MECA (Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association). Johnson received the 2007 Lloyd L. Withrow Distinguished Speaker Award from SAE International and, in 2008, was named an SAE Fellow. He also received California’s 2009 Haagen-Smit Clean Air Award. Johnson earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering from the University of Minnesota, and his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

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A research associate professor in the Biosciences Group of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and in the Center for Ergonomics in Industrial and Operations Engineering, Matthew Reed has conducted a wide range of research projects in ergonomics and impact biomechanics; he also has developed new techniques to predict the posture and position of motor vehicle occupants in passenger cars, trucks, and buses.  His safety-related work has addressed airbag-induced injuries using laboratory experiments and computer simulations; crash dummy design and positioning procedures; and protection for child passengers.  In addition to his research at UMTRI, he is Director of the Human Motion Simulation Laboratory in the Center for Ergonomics, where he leads a research program dedicated to improving the digital human models used for ergonomic analysis.  Reed is an author of more than 100 articles on anthropometry, digital human modeling, vehicle ergonomics, safety, and related design tools, and is the recipient of numerous awards from SAE International, including the Isbrandt Award, the Arch T. Colwell Merit Award, and the Lloyd L. Withrow Distinguished Speaker Award. Reed holds a doctorate in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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James Turner is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a Session Organizer for Direct Injection Spark Ignition engines for SAE International and a member of The Combustion Institute. His areas of specialization are combustion, fuels and pressure charging, and he is currently involved in direct injection combustion research, alcohol-burning engines and long-term alternative fuel strategies. At present, he is investigating the synthesis of liquid hydrocarbon fuels using air-extracted CO2 as a means of achieving no-net-fossil-carbon liquid fuels.  These can potentially drop into the fuels and vehicles which currently exist and be affordable by all the stakeholders within the current economic system.  Turner earned a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from The City University, London.

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