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Gary L. Boyd Receives the 2002 Wright Brothers Medal

Warrendale, PA, Feb. 3, 2004 - Gary L. Boyd has received the 2002 Wright Brothers Medal. Boyd was presented with the award at the 2003 Aerospace Congress and Exhibition in September, 2003.

This award, established in 1927, annually recognizes the author(s) of the best paper(s) relating to the invention, development, design, construction, or operation of an aircraft and/or spacecraft presented at a meeting of the Society or any of its sections. Consideration is given to the value of the author's contribution to the state of the art in furthering flight technology, whether it pertains to aircraft or spacecraft systems or their parts, components, subsystems, or accessories. The award honors Orville (an early SAE member) and Wilbur Wright, the first successful builders and operators of heavier-than-air flying equipment.

Boyd is President and Owner of Ceramic Engineering Consulting, Inc. (CEC, Inc.). His work focuses on advanced ceramic component and ceramic to metallic component (hot and cold) engine section attachment designs, FEM/FEA analysis, NASA LeRC's CARES Ceramic Reliability analysis, precision metallic and ceramic component prototype and production manufacturing, and iterative ceramic component design/development through engine and rig testing and evaluation. He has also provided technical direction and financial management for the DOE sponsored Advanced Gas Turbine (AGT-101), and the Advanced Turbine Technology Applications Project (ATTAP).

During his career, Boyd has consulted with AlliedSignal Propulsion Engines and APU's, Solar Turbines, Inc., Hughes Missile Systems Company, Tokyo Electron, Inc., RMB Miniature Bearings, and other companies and programs to design, analyze, test and develop a variety of ceramic-related components and systems for turbine engines and related products including turbine blade attachments, high speed internal seals, high temperature measurement probe systems, and robotic welder ceramic components.

Boyd is a current member of SAE. He holds an Airframe and Powerplants (A&P) License and an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and one in materials science. He currently resides in Durango, Colorado with his wife and two children.