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Hispano Suiza's aeronautical innovations uncovered in new SAE book

Warrendale, PA,, April 12, 2004 - Hispano Suiza in Aeronautics: Men, Companies, Engines and Aircraft - new from SAE

Hispano Suiza, a firm of Spanish tradition and origins of the highest caliber, is little known to new generations today. The luxury automobiles made at the Hispano Suiza factories in Barcelona and Paris during the 1920s and 1930s come to mind to automotive historians and car collectors. Hispano Suiza, however, embarked on other activities of considerable industrial, commercial, and strategic importance - notably aviation engines produced in Spain and France, and aircraft constructed in Spain.

Hispano Suiza in Aeronautics: Men, Companies, Engines and Aircraft by Manuel Lage Marco examines Hispano Suiza's evolution and the technological advances of its engines. Starting with circumstances that favored the creation of an indigenous aviation engine, the story follows engine development for a breadth of applications, particularly aviation engines, and describes, in parallel, the birth and development of aircraft in Spain by Campañía Española de Construcciones Aeronáuticas (CECA), La Hispano, La Hispano Aircraft, La Hispano Suiza, SAF-5, SAF-15, and La Hispano Aviación.

Although numerous books have been published on developments of Hispano Suiza as an automotive force, until now none has been published on the company's primary line of business - aircraft and aviation engines. Hispano Suiza in Aeronautics: Men, Companies, Engines and Aircraft is an in-depth study covering a vast period in the history of the Spanish and French aircraft industry (1913-1967) and it offers insight into Hispano Suiza's significant achievements.

Author Manuel Lage has spent his professional career in the automotive industry. He worked for eight years at Chrysler Spain, S.A. (now Renault Truck, S.A.), eight years at Pegaso (Empresa Nacional de Autocamiones, S.A.), and seven years at Iveco Pegaso, S.A., serving in a variety of roles in engine and truck design, product planning, and marketing. He is currently at Iveco headquarters in Torino, Italy with responsibility for special projects in the Strategic Development Areas Division. Lage has authored several books on motoring history in Spain, including Hispano Suiza/Pegaso: A Century of Trucks and Buses (© 1992), which won the Estudis Award of the Fundaciò Bonaplata in 1993.

Hispano Suiza in Aeronautics: Men, Companies, Engines and Aircraft by Manuel Lage Marco ©2003, is a 495-page softbound book, ISBN 0-7680-0997-9. This book is truly a must-read for those interested in aviation history.

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