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Service Technicians Society Becomes an SAE Program Office

Warrendale, PA, Oct. 30, 2003 - The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International) has announced that the Service Technicians Society (STS) has become an official SAE program office within the SAE organizational framework. The new entity is the Service Technology Program Office (STPO); the transition was effective October 1, 2003.

Since its inception in 1996, STS had been supported by SAE International as a development project. STS was formed by SAE to leverage its strength and experience into making a positive influence in the maintenance and repair segment of the total vehicle life cycle. The goal was to have STS emerge from development status by 2004; realizing this would be impossible due to insufficient membership numbers and budget concerns, the SAE International Board of Directors decided to transition STS into a program office.

"Although there have been many positive developments over the past 7 years, STS simply had not grown as fast as we had hoped," said Raymond A. Morris, SAE Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "STS, in partnership with SAE, offered the professional service community a great deal, and will continue to do so, as a program office."

The Service Technology Program Office (STPO) will be helmed by Wayne Juchno, former STS Managing Director. "As the key staff person assigned to the STPO, I will be charged with transitioning former STS members into SAE members, and with developing products and services geared toward serviceability and maintenance issues within an SAE framework," noted Juchno. "I will continuously seek to identify opportunities to further these activities."

The acronym STS will no longer represent "Service Technicians Society", but will now focus on ‘Service Technology' - an important point of emphasis away from serving a job title and toward meeting the needs of a more diverse market. For more information on the STPO, please contact Wayne Juchno at 724.772.7166 or via email at