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SAE Webcast Explores Off-Highway and Commercial Vehicle Powertrain Design

WARRENDALE, Pa., Oct. 30, 2012 - SAE International’s Off-Highway Engineering magazine offers a new webcast on powertrain design for commercial vehicle engineers.

“Powertrain Design and Validation: Technologies and Techniques for Off-Highway and Commercial Vehicle Engineer” will be held Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at Noon, U.S. EST. The webcast is sponsored by Infotech, MSC Software, HBM-nCode.

There are many design decisions that go into the engineering of complex light- and heavy-duty engines that will exceed efficiency and reliability requirements. On their plates and on their computers, engineers must deal with such complexities as determining the right components and subsystems, material choices, aftertreatment options, combustion characteristics, regulation drivers, systems integration, NVH reduction, thermal loads, alternative fuels, and ECUs. However, in terms of light- and heavy-duty powertrain engineering, the most important phase is the testing and simulation of the design long before the engine is built in prototype or placed in equipment in the field.

The webcast speakers will address these important topics and also discuss how adapting model-based development tools to specific areas, such as hardware-in-the-loop integration testing, flexible dyno testing, or even software-in-the-loop validation, can help streamline the process for product development and allow for faster, more cost-effective product validation. They also will examine using the latest capabilities to simulate fuel effects on engine performance parameters, as well as emission by-products, such as greenhouse gases, CO, and soot, as a way to foster innovation and reduce development costs. In addition, the speakers will answer questions from the audience during the webcast's live Q&A segment.

Industry expert participants will include:

  • Jace Allen, Lead Technical Specialist for Simulation and Test Systems, dSPACE Inc.
  • Boris Marovic, Product Marketing Manager, Mechanical Analysis Division, Mentor Graphics
  • Scott Drennan, Director of Applications Engineering and Services, Reaction Design

    Moderator for the webcast will be Lisa Arrigo, Custom Electronics Products Editor, SAE International.

    Click HERE for more information or to register for the webcast. Click HERE to find the start time in different time zones.

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