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Automotive Safety Technologies the Focus of New SAE International Book

WARRENDALE, Pa., Sept. 4, 2013 - Even though a number of developed countries enjoy a high level of vehicle safety, more than 1.2 million fatalities still occur each year on roadways worldwide. New technologies in sensors and electronic control units, and the growing knowledge of car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure technologies have led to a fusion of the previously separated areas of accident avoidance (popularly known as active safety) and mitigation of injuries (popularly known as passive safety) into the newer concept of integrated vehicle safety.

“Integrated Automotive Safety,” a new book from SAE International that is written by two of the world’s foremost automotive engineering safety experts, takes a unique and comprehensive approach to describing all areas of vehicle safety: accident avoidance, pre-crash, mitigation of injuries, and post-crash technologies, providing a solutions-based perspective of integrated vehicle safety.

Also covered are accident investigation and worldwide legislation as they apply to integrated vehicle safety. The man-machine interface, biomechanics and development and simulation techniques are also key concepts that are thoroughly described. Special attention is given to driver assistance systems and to compatibility in car-to-car crashes and pedestrian protection.

Chapters include:


- Accident research
- Functions of integrated safety
 - Biomechanics and protection criteria
 - Injury mitigation
- Adaptive occupant protection
- Compatibility
- Calculation and simulation
- Future

Authors are Ulrich W. Seiffert and Mark Gonter.

Professor Dr.-Ing. Seiffert is acting chairman of WiTech Engineering GmbH, member of the board of ITS Niedersachsen, member of the board of VDI Vehicle Technology, member of the Helmholtz Senat, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and Acatech. Until the end of 1995, Dr. Seiffert was a member of the board for research and development of Volkswagen AG in Germany. He also holds a number of patents in the safety area and for vehicle and traffic technology and has received awards for his work in the field of safety and environmental engineering. Also, he is the author of a large number of books and has published more than 350 technical papers. 

Dr. -Ing. Gonter, head of the Integrated Safety and Light research group at Volkswagen, has been Professor of Integrated Vehicle Safety at the University of Braunschweig, Germany, since 2008. Furthermore, he is a lecturer at the Autouni of Volkswagen. Dr. Gonter has worked for the Volkswagen Group since 1999. His previous roles include Head of Integrated Safety, Project Manager of Adaptive Occupant Safety, and Accident Researcher. In 2007 he received a Doctorate of Engineering in Intelligent Restraint Systems from Dresden University of Technology in Germany. He has published a large number of technical papers in the field of active and passive safety and holds a number of patents that pertain to automotive vehicle safety. 

Book details:


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- Published By: SAE International
- Published: October 2013
- Pages: 212
- Binding: Hardbound
- Product Code: R-407
- ISBN: 978-0-7680-6437-7
- $87.96-$98.96 (SAE International Members); $98.96 (List) – This is a special introductory price; final list price will be $109.95.

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