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New SAE International Webcast Focuses on Transmission Architecture

WARRENDALE, Pa., Sept. 13, 2013 - SAE International presents a free, one-hour webcast on improvements in modern transmission architecture and how they compare against key customer acceptance criteria.

How Does Choosing the Right Transmission Architecture Weigh Against Customer Acceptance?” will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 18, at Noon (EDT)

Stringent greenhouse gas and fuel economy regulations continue to motivate the auto industry to look at all avenues leading to efficiency improvements. New transmissions have the potential to significantly minimize overall fuel consumption while maintaining the “fun-to-drive” aspect, and they increase the standard of technology and vehicle performance. OEMs are now able to choose from a broader number of new transmission architectures than ever before. Examples include 8+ speeds planetary automatics, DCTs, and CVTs. Each architecture promises significant benefits by increasing the number of ratios (and ratio spread) and the continued reduction of parasitic losses. Hybridization and automatic engine start-stop enablers add further vehicle efficiency benefits but also add to the overall complexity of transmission design and calibration.

This webcast examines the advantages of advanced transmissions and discusses the influence of innovative driveline technologies on improving fuel economy and ensuring customer satisfaction. Webcast attendees will be invited to interact with the experts during the program’s live Q & A segment.

Speakers will include:


- Tom D’Anna, Manager of Transmission and Driveline Systems, FEV Inc.


- Chris Baillie, Supervisor of Transmission and Driveline Design, FEV Inc.


- Kiran Govindswamy, Director, NVH, Driveline Systems & Vehicle Integration, North American Technical Center, FEV Inc.

Moderator will be Lisa Arrigo, Custom Electronic Products Editor, SAE International.

The webcast is sponsored by FEV and hosted by SAE International.

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