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SAE International Offers Two New "Accelerated Concept to Product Process" Webinars

WARRENDALE, Pa., March 26, 2014 - Two new SAE International webinars deal with the increasingly relevant method of Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) Process® in mobility engineering. Awarded the SAE International Detroit Section/MITEF Vehicle Innovation Competition award for the innovation likely to have the biggest impact on the industry moving forward, ACP is a performance-driven, holistic, product design development method based on design optimization. 

Intended to create a balance between structure and strength, ACP synchronizes the individual facets of the product development process including design, CAE and manufacturing. The methodology combines design, material and manufacturing expertise with CAD, CAE and CAO tools.  As a result, the process reduces product cost, product mass and development time, while improving overall product performance. 

“Efficient product development is a crucial part of today’s transportation industry. Companies are competing in a global market and must find ways to reduce costs, reduce mass, improve fuel efficiency and improve quality. ACP addresses these challenges head-on, making them valuable lessons to share with our members,” Kevin Perry, Ed.D., Manager, Professional Development, SAE International, said. 

The two new webinars include:  


Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) Process for Design Optimization (April 22-24, 2014) – Delivered in two, two-hour sessions, this webinar will offer information for those who would like to start with the design of initial product structure from a general design space, a shape, or ideas available, or knowledge of design space and constraints. The instructor will show how you can use and locate the first initial load path (material) using topology optimization and special CAD tools. You will also learn how to generate your first initial pre-concept structure, with general shape of all necessary and required structures, based on your Load Path. As an illustration, the course will go through vehicle body in white (BIW) pre-concept development.

Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) Process using a 3G Design Approach (May 5-9, 2014) – This three-session webinar will offer information on how to design a concept model from a clean sheet using a holistic 3G design approach (ACP-3G), where material types and its properties (Grades and Gauges), Geometry (shape), and manufacturing process can work together for the optimum weight and performance. The instructor will show how to use a systemic design process approach addressing the concept design for system structure for general design shape (section and size it based on manufacturing constraints).

Dr. Akbar Farahani, Vice President and Director, Global Engineering, Engineering Technology Associates (ETA Inc.) is the developer and instructor of these webinars. Dr. Farahani was critical to the development of ETA’s ACP process.

“Beyond structural performance, the balance of multidisciplinary objectives such as cost, manufacturing constraints and material handling are considered at the onset of the project with the ACP Process. As a result, our team has found that mass reduction and performance objectives are met time and time again”, said Dr. Akbar Farahani.

More information on the “Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) Process for Design Optimization” webinar is available at  To learn more about the “Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) Process using a 3G Design Approach” webinar visit    

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