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Michael K. Anderson to Receive the 2004 SAE Max Bentele Award for Engine Technology Innovation

Warrendale, PA, March 4, 2005 - Engineering Group Manager of the Computational Fluid Dynamics and Performance Analysis Department at GM Powertrain, has been selected to receive the 2004 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Max Bentele Award for Engine Technology Innovation. Anderson will receive his award during the SAE 2005 World Congress in Detroit , Michigan , April 11-14.

This award, established in 2001, recognizes a young SAE member whose work has furthered innovation in the manufacture, design and improvement of engine technology for ground, air or space vehicles. The award honors Max Bentele for his contributions to the field of mobility engines and his encouragement for others to be innovative and to promote advances in engine technology.

Anderson has been working at General Motors since 1991. His current work focuses on developing optimum designs and control strategies for several advanced powertrain technologies through extensive use of analysis. Previously, he led a team that developed a fully flexible valve actuation system which demonstrated substantial efficiency improvements on a multi-cylinder prototype engine over a wide range of operating conditions. The learnings from this effort have been incorporated into the implementation of emerging technologies such as discrete variable valve lift systems.

Anderson has two published papers to his credit: "First and Second Law Analyses of a Naturally-Aspirated, Miller Cycle, SI Engine with Late Intake Valve Closure" (SAE 980889) which was selected for the SAE Industrial Lectureship Series and presented at several universities around the US; and "The Combined Influence of Gasoline Direct Injection and CVT on Vehicle Fuel Economy, Performance and Emissions" which was presented at the 20th International Vienna Motor Symposium. He also holds a patent on a methodology for determining the instantaneous optimum valve lift of a variable lift valve actuation system.

In 1997, Anderson received the William Mirsky Memorial Award for outstanding graduate-level research work at the University of Michigan . He has also been the recipient of the General Motors North American Operations Engineering Center Award of Excellence. A member of SAE, he is the author and instructor of the Powertrain Matching Chapter of the SAE Spark Ignition Engine Technology Engineering Academy .

Anderson received a bachelor's in mechanical engineering from Purdue University and a master's in mechanical engineering via a GM Fellowship at the University of Michigan .