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SAE International Publishes New Standard, SAE J2880 to Establish New Recommended Green Racing Protocols

WARRENDALE, Pa., Oct. 16, 2014 -

SAE International published the J2880 Standard, issued 2014-7, which supersedes the J2880 Standard, issued 2008-10. The Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and SAE International, along with partners and representatives from the motorsports industry, developed these protocols to be used by those automotive racing series who seek recognition as a Green Racing Series.

The Recommended Green Racing Protocols establish guidelines enabling motorsports competition to further develop technologies and fuels that respond to the current and future needs of on road vehicles, while they provide a sustainable future for motorsports worldwide.  SAE J2880 aligns motorsports with evolving transportation demands, to promote and improve energy efficiency and diversity, and demonstrate environmental responsibility while supporting motorsport that is entertaining, exciting, cost effective and safe.

Technology development occurs under the demanding conditions of racing several times faster than in standard manufacturer vehicle development and innovations in safety, durability and performance made by race cars are often transferred to production vehicles.  As a result, motorsport is in a unique position to promote rapid technical innovation and testing and provide market exposure and acceptance of sustainable transportation technologies and alternative fuels.

The SAE J2880:

·                     Provides sanctioning bodies with recommendations to help them align competition rules with the objectives of sustainable transportation

·                     Supports environmentally responsible and sustainable technology that is transferable to production vehicles

·                     Promotes environmentally friendly operations of motorsports venues, competition events, and racing  team facilities

·                     Assists sanctioning bodies in the establishing  a roadmap to increase green initiatives

The elements of J2880 identify a range of technologies, fuels and operational procedures that support development of a sustainable future for both motorsports and personal mobility, and organizes them into a matrix of five Green Racing elements and four levels of commitment within each element.  These elements are: Propulsion systems, Fuel/Energy Carriers, Energy Recovery, Improved Efficiency, and Emission Reduction. Within each element there are four possible levels of commitment, i.e., Core, Enhanced, Elevated, and Pinnacle, which is the highest level of Green Racing commitment.


Since 2008, The International Motor Sports Association (IMSA), in a partnership with, EPA, DOE, and SAE, promote the development and use of alternative technologies and renewable fuels in the motorsports industry.

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