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Cornell University: Formula SAE's '10' in 2006?

Warrendale, PA, May 27, 2005 - And now the question is: Will they go for 10?

By earning the most overall points in last week's competition, Cornell University set a new record by winning the Formula SAE competition a record nine times. Cornell finished with an overall score of 905.793 out of a possible 1000.

Points were awarded in seven categories: cost, presentation, design, acceleration, skid pad, autocross, and endurance-fuel economy. Cornell won the endurance-fuel economy event and finished second in the autocross event.

The top 10 finishers were:

Cornell University 905.793 pts.
University of Western Australia 868.147 pts.
University of Wisconsin - Madison 853.928 pts.
University of Waterloo 812.010 pts.
University of Washington 811.588 pts.
Pennsylvania State University 789.528 pts.
North Carolina State University - Raleigh   764.794 pts.
Saginaw Valley State University 754.202 pts.
University of Missouri - Rolla 738.573 pts.
Ryerson University 729.164 pts.

See complete listing of team results and standings.

Begun in 1981, Formula SAE is an educational engineering competition and is one of the featured events in the Collegiate Design Series. In Formula SAE, student members conceive, design, fabricate and compete with small formula-style race cars; points are awarded for static events (presentation, design, and cost analysis) and dynamic events (acceleration, skid-pad, autocross, fuel economy, and endurance). Events are held currently in Australia, Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.