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SAE International Announces New Applied-Engineering Video Series - Spotlight on Design™

WARRENDALE, Pa., July 7, 2015 -

SAE International now offers the “Spotlight on Design” series filled with insightful, compelling videos on the latest technologies and trends in the automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicle industries.

These videos take viewers inside labs and research centers to learn how design engineers are improving product quality, increasing vehicle safety, reducing costs, decreasing environmental impact and achieving regulatory compliance. Featuring exclusive interviews with industry experts and in-depth coverage of real-world case studies, Spotlight on Design shows viewers how new technologies are being applied today, and how they will affect the industry tomorrow.

A full season subscription includes seven main episodes (20-30 minutes in length), and six “Insight” episodes (7-11 minute segments featuring extended coverage of particular case studies). Subscriptions include all future releases – season 2 currently is in production and scheduled for release in late 2015. This product is also available by individual episodes on DVD and streaming format.

Spotlight on Design Season 1 main episodes include:

·         Automated Vehicles: Sensors and Future Technologies

·         Composite Materials: Advanced Materials and Lightweighting

·         Counterfeit Electric Parts: Supply Chains at Risk

·         Diagnostics and Prognostics: Proactive Maintenance and Failure Prevention

·         Fuel Efficiency: Racing Towards CAFE 2025

·         Sensors: Advanced Safety

·         Sensors: Miniaturization and Testing

Spotlight on Design Season 1 “Insight” episodes include:

·         Automated Vehicles: Converging Sensor Data

·         Composite Materials: New Trends in Automotive Design

·         Diagnostics and Prognostics: Telematics Deep Dive

·         Fuel Efficiency: Fuel Economy Testing

·         Sensors: Noise Avoidance and Cable Manufacturing

·         Sensors: Fluid Measurement and Avionics

Watch Spotlight on Design video trailers at

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