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SAE International White Paper Offers a Glimpse into Vehicle Electronics and Connectivity 40 Years into the Future

WARRENDALE, Pa., March 8, 2016 - A new, free white paper from SAE International postulates what the future of vehicle electronics will look like 40 years into the future.

First presented as technical session topics at SAE 2014 Convergence, this white paper, titled “A Look 40 Years into the Future” looks at:

  • Lifestyle Trends
  • Economic Trends
  • Technology Trends (Including System’s Architecture, Big Data, Sensing Technology, Connectivity and Cybersecurity)
  • Information and Content Trends
  • Industry/Transportation Trends

From the introduction:

“Forty years from now, in 2054, it is theorized that more than 50% of the world’s population will be embedded with some sort of biometric tracking technology; one will have the ability to log into most machine/technology interfaces via thought or non-physical means; the world will have reached its peak population limit; and, machines exist with greater than human super-intelligence1. This trend is more commonly referred to as “The Internet of Things” (IoT), or when we refer to mobility, “The Internet of Things in Motion” (IoTiM). IoT is the process of bring offline objects online. IoT is not a new concept - it was originally coined in 1999 and has recently become associated with the “internet of Digital” (IoD) and the “Internet of Humans” (IoH) - however, it did not become a dominating theme at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) until 2013.”

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