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SAE International Offers Infographic Series on Automotive Standards for Connected Transportation

WARRENDALE, Pa., March 10, 2016 - SAE International has released an infographic series, “Automotive Standards for Connected Transportation,” dedicated to connected transportation technology in today’s vehicle engineering industry.

For connected transportation to become a reality it involves solving for everything from driver vehicle interface, system status, functional safety, and cybersecurity, to public acceptance, driver education, liability issues, policy, funding, and infrastructure.

A foundation upon which that reality is built is standardization. 

On the heels of publishing the first standard on vehicle cybersecurity, “SAE J3061™: Cybersecurity Guidebook for Cyber-Physical Vehicle Standards,” SAE International now offers an infographic series that helps frame and overview the many technical standards—to date—critical to the development and advancement of connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and intelligent transportation systems.

This complimentary, three-part series outlines automotive standards for connected transportation as related to the areas of:

  • Part 1: Terms and Definitions, Interoperability, Vehicle& System Performance
  • Part 2: Safety
  • Part 3: Security and Privacy

It is available at,  an SAE International hub dedicated to some of industry’s most pressing challenges of developing safer, greener, and more connected aerospace and ground vehicles. Click here to download the series.

SAE International, whose industry-led, consensus-based standards development activities date back to 1905, earning it the reputation of being the largest vehicle standards developer and most respected authority on vehicle engineering, has been actively involved in the standards needed to advance the development of connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and intelligent transportation systems since the beginning

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