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Thomas G. Leone of Ford Named SAE International Fellow

WARRENDALE, Pa., May 26, 2016 - SAE International announces that Thomas G. Leone was elected as a 2015-2016 SAE Fellow. Leone was one of 18 Fellow inductees recognized during ceremonies at the 2016 SAE World Congress, April 12-14 in Detroit, Michigan.

Leone is currently a Technical Expert for powertrain evaluation and analysis, in Ford's Research and Advanced Engineering organization. He has worked at Ford since 1990 in a variety of roles including engine dynamometer development, calibration of engine control systems, computer simulation, and fuel economy analysis of powertrain technologies.

He was recognized as an SAE Fellow for his critical role in the development of Variable Camshaft Timing, which is now used in almost all automotive engines to improve fuel economy. He has influenced production implementation of numerous technologies including cam phasing, hybrid electric vehicles, and turbocharging. His recent research has increasingly focused on renewable fuels and fuel octane. He has co-authored seven technical papers on fuel-related topics, and has made 11 presentations to key stakeholders: automotive, oil, regulators, national labs, standards organizations, ethanol producers, and agriculture.

Leone is the inventor or co-inventor on 121 U.S. patents including hardware and controls for variable valvetrain systems, alternative fuels, hybrid electric vehicles, turbocharged engines, cylinder deactivation, fuel reformers, and fuel separation systems.

Leone co-authored two SAE International papers about cam phasing, a technology offering significant fuel economy benefits, plus improved exhaust emissions and torque/power. He played critical roles in the development of dual cam phasing, being involved with each step of the process from research through production implementation. Leone was the cam phasing calibrator for the first production application of dual cam phasing, which was the 2004 5.4L in the Ford F150.

SAE Fellow is the highest grade of membership bestowed by SAE International. It recognizes outstanding engineering, scientific and leadership accomplishments by an individual that have resulted in meaningful advances in automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicle technologies. The program, established in 1975, recognizes an average of 20 recipients worldwide for this honor each year.

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