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Author Karl Ludvigsen to Highlight Six Speakers Sponsored by the SAE International Mobility History Committee During WCX17: World Congress Experience

WARRENDALE, Pa., March 16, 2017 - The SAE International Mobility History Committee will host six speakers, including internationally famed author Karl Ludvigsen at WCX17: World Congress Experience, which will be held April 4-6, 2017, at Cobo Center in Detroit.

The presentations will be held Thursday, April 6, and will include:

10 a.m. – Noon (Learning Lab):

  • Karl Ludvigsen – “Reid Railton-Man of Speed” – 1930’s Railton & Hudson cars will be on display in the MHC booth

  • Geoffrey Goldberg – “Lancia: 60 Years of New Ideas and Unique Vee-Engines” – Story boards representing this pioneering Italian V6 engine will be on display at the MHC booth

1-4 p.m. (Room Nr 331 A):

  • Marion Pottinger – “History of Characterizing Tire Forces & Moments applied to a Vehicle”

  • Jason Torchinsky – “Cars before Cars--a Survey of Automobiles before 1885” – One of the last Stanley Steamers will on display at the MHC Booth.

  • Roy Link – “The Evolution of the Brake Dynomometer” – A table-top model will be on display at the MHC booth

  • John Holmes – “A Century of Environmental Technologies for Light Duty Vehicles”

SAE International’s Mobility History Committee also will host a display featuring five unforgettable vehicles during WCX17:  World Congress Experience. The MHC promotes SAE’s comprehensive education programs, like the award-winning teaching activities in "A World in Motion” to awaken and maintain K-12 students’ interest in STEM subjects, leading to promising Engineering careers.

SAE’s Mobility History Committee always is looking for new members. Interested people should contact anyone in the MHC booth.

In addition to WCX17, the MHC each year participates in the Concours d’Elegance in Plymouth, Mich., July 28-30, 2017; and at the Chrysler Employees Motorsport Association (CEMA) festival at FCA headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mich., June 10, 2017. An evolving cooperation with the Historical Vehicle Association will continue in 2017.

WCX17 will be held April 4-6, 2017, at Cobo Center in Detroit. Executive Leadership is provided by Ford; the Tier One Strategic Partner is DENSO.

For more information on WCX17 or to register, visit

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