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SAE International Appoints Southeast Asia Associate

WARRENDALE, Pa., Nov. 14, 2005 - SAE International has named Business and Industrial Trade Fairs, Ltd. (B&I) as its exclusive marketing representative in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

B&I, as it is more commonly known, exclusively will represent SAE International by selling advertising, exhibition space, sponsorships, and related products and services for the SAE World Congress in Detroit, Mich., April 3-7, 2006. The company also will focus on promoting SAE’s Automotive Engineering International magazine.

“We are pleased to announce this relationship with B&I,” Raymond A. Morris, SAE International's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said. “Such collaboration will strengthen our ties with the Southeast Asia market and the global automotive industry.” “

We are proud of receiving this appointment from SAE International,” Arthur Tang, Executive Director of B&I , said. “We will endeavor to promote SAE International’s activities in Southeast Asia and enhance its networks, image and influence in the region. This is also a valuable opportunity for us to provide SAE International with direct, privileged and quality products and services to Asia’s automotive enterprises and traders.”