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Airlines to Establish new ARINC Standards at the AEEC General Session

WARRENDALE, Pa., April 17, 2017 - Participants are invited to attend the Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) General Session which will be held May 1-4, 2017, at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee. This is a great opportunity for networking, building relationships, solving problems, and doing business with over 650 technical and management people from over 30 countries, representing 30 airlines, 5 airframe manufacturers and over 170 avionics suppliers. This meeting will feature top technical speakers from around the world. Symposium topics include:

  • Global Aircraft Tracking
  • Communication Systems
  • Wireless Airplane Networks
  • Topics Trending in Aviation

The AEEC works in concert with airframe manufacturers and avionic suppliers to develop the “ARINC Standards” used in new aircraft development programs, major retrofit programs, for incorporating new and evolving information technology, cyber security and to meet regulatory requirements. This includes systems and services for NextGen, SESAR, and CARATS airspace improvement initiatives. Today, nearly all commercial and regional aircraft around the world rely on avionics equipment based on the consensus-based standards developed and approved by the AEEC.

AEEC Subcommittee activities have developed a broad range of avionics and infrastructure standards for new aircraft and for major derivative programs. This year 11 technical standards are on the AEEC docket for adoption. When approved, these standards will contribute to improvements in airline communication, navigation and surveillance. The ARINC Standards are used as the basis for design, development, investment, acquisition, life-cycle support, and other business decisions.

ARINC Standards describe avionic systems, cabin systems, information systems, and associated interfaces used by more than 10,000 air transport and business aircraft worldwide. There are three classes of ARINC Standards:

  • ARINC Characteristics: Define the traditional form, fit, function, and interfaces to avionics equipment and associated networks.

  • ARINC Specifications: Define the avionics infrastructure including software operating systems interfaces, electrical interfaces, data buses, physical packaging of avionics equipment, communication, networking, and data security standards.

  • ARINC Reports: Provide guidelines or general information found by the aviation industry to be preferred practices, often related to avionics maintenance, product support, and flight simulator engineering and maintenance. The AEEC General Session is co-located with the Avionics Maintenance Conference.

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The AEEC was formed in 1949 to provide leadership to the aviation community, namely the airlines, airframe manufacturers, and avionics suppliers that drive aircraft and avionics development.

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