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Keynote Speaker at SAE International Motorsports Symposium Discusses Technology, Marketing Crossroads

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 29, 2005 - Herb Fishel, motorsports counsel to SAE International, today asked the provocative question, "Will you be a wild success or a worthless commodity?"

Fishel, who also is the Chief Executive Officer of The Business of Motorsports, addressed a luncheon on the opening day of SAE International's Motorsports Symposium, held in conjunction with the Performance Racing Industry trade show which kicks off later in the week.

"I am here today to offer you a strategic view: A perspective of the industry from 30,000 feet...There is a strong undercurrent of volatility that makes the (2006) season unpredictable -- a declining economy, natural disasters and man-made conflicts are all possible," Fishel noted.

While Fishel's remarks are a call for change in the motorsports industry, he offers hope for the future and believes "the most exciting new frontier for the automobile industry in our time is waiting."

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"With Herb Fishel's background as a long-time racing executive with GM, we in the motorsports industry take such observations quite seriously. Motorsports has always been a business of change -- of looking into the future -- so educated opinions are extremely valuable," Wiley McCoy, of McLaren Performance Technology, noted. McCoy is a moderator at the SAE Motorsports Symposium, and a long-time member of its motorsports group.

The SAE International Motorsports Symposium continues through Wednesday at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Press interested in covering the Symposium should e-mail