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SAE MOBILUS moves to an openly accessible platform with a soft paywall, making SAE standards and publications discoverable on search engines

WARRENDALE, Pa., Oct. 10, 2017 - In a continuing effort to remove barriers to discovery and access for engineers, business professionals, students and instructors, SAE International has made the SAE MOBILUS technical resource platform accessible without a login. Abstracts of each of the 226,000+ SAE standards, journal articles, magazine article, technical papers, and eBooks included in the platform are now available for anyone to explore regardless of whether they are SAE MOBILUS subscribers. 

“We built SAE MOBILUS to help engineers be more productive, to help them stop searching for resources so they can devote more time to doing what they do best: building solutions,” said Frank Menchaca, Chief Product Officer for SAE International. “By making the resources discoverable in the first place they search, SAE is giving subscribers and non-subscribers alike an easier way to find the full breadth of SAE technical resources.”

Anyone who visits the SAE MOBILUS technical resource platform will be able to view abstracts and download content like magazine articles at no charge. This is enabled by the transition from a hard paywall — in which a non-subscriber is halted from any platform — to a soft paywall — in which a non-subscriber is prevented from accessing the full-text individual premium pieces.

When users reach the abstract for the sought content, they are presented with an option to “Check My Access!”, which enables them to attempt to log into the platform or be provided with purchase options. As many SAE MOBILUS subscriptions are purchased on an enterprise level, some engineers are unaware that they have access to the content within the platform. The “Check My Access!” button routes these users to log into the platform which helps technical professionals and scholars take advantage of the resources available to them while enabling institutions to derive maximum value from their subscriptions by driving platform usage.

Non-subscribers can now view the abstracts and metadata of all content within the platform and utilize platform features including in-platform annotation, intuitive search functionality, and access to complimentary content.

To explore the SAE MOBILUS platform, please visit:

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