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International Team of Authors Wins SAE Arch T. Colwell Merit Award

WARRENDALE, Pa., March 27, 2006 - A team of authors from Greece, Germany and Japan has been selected to receive SAE International’s Arch T. Colwell Merit Award.  They will be presented the award at the SAE 2006 World Congress in Detroit, April 3-6. 

This award, established in 1965, annually recognizes the authors of papers of outstanding technical or professional merit. Papers are judged primarily for their value as new contributions to existing knowledge of mobility engineering. The award was funded by the late Arch T. Colwell, who served SAE International in many capacities for nearly 50 years, including a term as President in 1941.  Seven papers were selected from 2,677 published for SAE meetings during 2004 for this year’s honor, including a paper authored by the team: “Reaction and Diffusion Phenomena in Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filters” (2004-01-0696).

Dr. Onoufrios HaralampousDr. Onoufrios Haralampous

Haralampous, a senior researcher at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, focuses on the after-treatment of internal combustion engine exhaust.  His work on diesel particulate filters has led to the development of advanced mathematical models.  He has authored 15 scientific and technical papers.  During his studies, he received awards from the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Greek State Scholarship Foundation and the Greek Telecommunications Organization.  He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.  Haralampous earned his doctorate from Aristotle University.

Dr. Grigorios KoltsakisDr. Grigorios Koltsakis

Koltsakis, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, focuses on emission control for gasoline and diesel engines.  He currently leads a research group in the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics and serves as an expert to the European Commission on automotive emissions.  His research findings have improved the understanding of the design of exhaust after-treatment devices in the automotive industry.  He has published 50 papers in scientific journals and presented 20 papers at international Congresses.  He is a member of SAE International, the Combustion Institute Greek Section and the Technical Chamber of Greece, where he is the recipient of the Best Student Award.  Koltsakis earned his doctorate from Aristotle University. 

Dr. Zissis C. SamarasDr. Zissis C. Samaras

Samaras is a professor and director of the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.  His research deals primarily with the testing and modeling of engine and vehicle emissions from internal combustion engines.  In his area of study, he has provided expert advice to a number of organizations and private sector customers, served as vice-chairman of a committee on the estimation of exhaust gas emissions, and coordinated many large European projects on particulate emissions and vehicle maintenance.  He is an elected Academic Member of the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council on “Energy, Environment and Resources” and the author of more than 150 scientific publications.  Samaras earned his doctorate from Aristotle University.

Claus Dieter VogtClaus Dieter Vogt

Vogt leads product management at NGK Europe GmbH inKronberg, .  He handles technical support for emission control technology and supports development and simulation activities between NGK Europe GmbH and NGK Insulators, Ltd.  He has authored nine SAE publications and several others in addition to his most recent paper on diesel particulate filters.  He is a member of SAE International and the Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure).  Vogt earned his degree in mechanical engineering from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. 

Etsuji OharaEtsuji Ohara

Ohara is an application engineer in the product management department of NGK Europe GmbH in Kronberg, .  He works on the customer support, design and development of diesel particulate filters to achieve good emission performance.  He received his degree in mechanical systems from Kanazawa University  in Japan.

Yoshinobu WatanabeYoshinobu Watanabe

Watanabe works in the department of manufacturing engineering at NGK Insulators, Ltd., where he focuses on the development and application of computer aided engineering.  He received his master’s degree in manufacturing system engineering from the Nagoya Institute of Technology.

Takashi MizutaniTakashi Mizutani

Mizutani, an application engineer at NGK Insulators, Ltd., works on the design, evaluation and development of diesel particulate filters designed to meet tighter emission regulations in close collaboration with automotive OEMs.  He has authored five other documents in addition to his most recent paper on diesel particulate filters.  He received his master's degree from Mie University, where he specialized in the aerodynamics of trucks and buses with large drag.;