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Aerospace Engineers Win SAE Technical Standards Board Outstanding Contribution Award

WARRENDALE, Pa., May 15, 2006 - A team of engineers has been selected to receive SAE International’s Technical Standards Board Outstanding Contribution Award. 

The award, established in 1953, recognizes individuals for outstanding service in SAE International’s technical committee activities.  The team is being honored for their contributions to the Aerospace Council.

Peter Keenan


Peter Keenan Keenan is a landing gear systems expert at Airbus.  He also leads the team developing the Airbus A350 landing gear extension/retraction system.  Prior to Airbus, Keenan worked for British Aerospace in the design of fluid systems (including pneumatic and hydraulic systems).  He has five published documents with SAE International.  In addition to receiving awards for those documents, he has received four recognition awards from the SAE Committee A-6, which focuses on aerospace fluid power, actuation and control technologies.  He is the vice-chairman of the A-6 Commercial Aircraft Panel and also chairs two non-SAE committees.  Keenan was an undergraduate apprentice at Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd.  He received his bachelor’s in aeronautical engineering from Hatfield Polytechnic.


Jay John Pengra


Jay John Pengra Pengra is a retired senior design specialist from Lockheed Martin's Advanced Design Programs, also known as the Skunk Works, in Palmdale, Cal.  He began his 40-year career in the aerospace industry with Lockheed California Co., where he directed research on the fatigue enhancement and stress corrosion characteristics of high strength steel alloys used on aircraft landing gears. He was later responsible for the application of metallic materials for programs such as SR 71, U-2, F-117, and the Joint Strike Fighter competition.  Pengra is an honorary lifetime member of SAE International.  He has been a member of SAE International’s Aerospace Materials Division for nearly 30 years and chaired the Aerospace Metals Engineering Committee for 19 years.  SAE International honored him with the Franklin W. Kolk Air Transportation Progress Award in 2005.  Pengra holds his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Long Beach State College and his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the  University  of  Southern California.


Stephen Rohring


Stephen Rohring Rohring is an air traffic control specialist/ airspace specialist for the Federal Aviation Administration.  He also serves as the FAA's focal point for the evaluation of the proposed outdoor laser operations.  Since he joined the FAA in 1982, he has received numerous awards for adding to the quality, safety and efficiency of the air traffic control system.  He is a member of SAE International's Laser Hazards Subcommittee and a graduate of  Purdue  University  and the Indiana University School of Medicine.


Nikhilesh Sheth


Nikhilesh Sheth Sheth works in the department of structural composites technologies at Boeing.  He serves as an advisor for Boeing in the Long Beach, Cal.area and has been a leader in developing state-of-the-art designs and process technologies that benefit commercial airlines.  He has published documents on aircraft repairs and was honored with Associate Technical Fellowship from Boeing.  He is a member of SAE International and the American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin.  Sheth received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from  Gujarat University.  He received his master’s degree in business administration from  Northern  Illinois  Universityand his master’s degree in aeronautics from  California  State  Polytechnic  University. 


David Tanner


Tanner is an engineer with the U.S. Air Force in Tinker Air Force Base, Okla.  He has served as vice-chair for SAE International’s Aerospace Materials Division G-9 Committee for 15 years.  His leadership has enabled G-9 to excel in transitioning government standards to industry standards and has enabled the committee to streamline its specifications.