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SAE International Supports Policy Changes for Aerospace Standards

WARRENDALE, Pa., June 12, 2006 - SAE International supports a position paper released by the Strategic Standardization Forum for Aerospace (SSFA), which is affiliated with the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA). The paper points out the danger posed by policies that would force companies to select and use standards based not on technical merit, but on the governing body that releases them.

Aerospace experts are warning that potential policy changes regarding standards could result in sub-par construction of important industry products and components, threatening reliability and consumer confidence.

The issue addresses a growing concern that policies and legislation are being set that could preclude the use of technologically advanced standards produced by many globally relevant developers simply because of semantics.

"SAE International recognizes the importance of the paper released by the SSFA and we are in full support of it," Raymond A. Morris, executive vice president and COO, SAE International said. "Selecting the best, most reliable and most usable standards is a crucial step to ensuring quality in the aerospace industry."

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