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SAE International Standard Serves Uniformity for Airline Galley Carts

WARRENDALE, Pa., June 16, 2006 - Most people only take notice of them when they roll slowly down the aisle of an airplane, pushed by a flight attendant. And even then, it's to look at the many beverage choices that are housed on the top.

But what about the in-flight galley cart itself? It's an important airline device that needs to properly house a multitude of containers and components, and it has to withstand the sometimes bumpy turbulence of air travel.

Engineering and building a galley cart that meets the many requirements imposed by airlines, airframe manufacturers and regulatory agencies can be a challenge. A standard developed by SAE International helps make that process a little easier.

SAE International standard AS8056: Minimum Design and Performance of Airplane Galley In-Flight Carts, Containers, and Associated Components – is the basis for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) TSO C-175 and streamlines the development process for galley carts by enabling manufacturers to work directly with the FAA.

AS8056 was written and created by SAE International's S-9 Cabin Safety Provisions Committee.


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