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New SAE Standard Creates Universal Language for Embedded Software and Hardware Systems in Vehicles and Aircraft

WARRENDALE, Pa., Aug. 4, 2006 - A new standard from SAE International creates a universal language for embedded electronic software and hardware systems in automobiles, trucks, off-road vehicles and aircraft.

According to the document sponsor, Peter Feiler, senior member of technical staff, Software Engineering Institute, this new SAE International standard offers several advantages for companies that manufacture these embedded systems.

"First of all, the language is now standardized; so it allows them to build tools based on something that won't change for a while. Companies are more willing to invest in the language when they know it will remain the same. Also, you develop the architecture model once and it can be used and it can be run with real numbers. You can make predictions about whether or not your embedded system will work," Feiler said.

AS5506/1: SAE Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) Document complements the already existing AS5506 AADL standard document. It consists of four annexes – The first annex defines a set of graphical symbols for the graphical notation of AADL. These graphical symbols can be used to express relationships between components, features, and connections in an AADL model. The second annex defines the AADL meta model and XML-based interchange formats for AADL models. The third annex defines programming language-specific rules for source text to be compliant with an architecture specification written in AADL. The forth annex defines a standardized extension to AADL to enable the addition of fault and dependability information to AADL-based system architecture models in the context of dependability analysis methods such as hazard analysis, reliability analysis, and failure mode and effects analysis .  This enables testing of system properties such as safety, reliability, integrity, availability, and maintainability before production.

The standard was written and created by SAE International's AS-2 Embedded Computing Systems Committee. For more information on AS5506/1 or other SAE standards, contact SAE Corporate Communications.


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