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Airport Noise Management the Focus of New SAE Standard

WARRENDALE, Pa., Sept. 7, 2006 - Managing the impact of aircraft noise on surrounding communities is an ongoing and sometimes challenging task for airports.

Increasing air traffic is causing some airports to expand facilities, add flights, and extend operating times well into the late evenings/early mornings. To do this, airports and policymakers need to understand how these airport operations will impact the surrounding communities.

A new standard from SAE International helps to make that task easier by establishing guidelines for monitoring such noise.

The SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice "(ARP) 4721-1 – Monitoring Aircraft Noise and Operations in the Vicinity of Airports: System Description, Acquisition and Operation," establishes standards for:

  • Placement of microphones 
  • Guidance on components
  • Installation and administration of permanent systems
  • Guidance on analysis of data collected.
  • Testing methods and validation of data for permanent and portable systems  

According to Vince Mestre, sponsor of the standard and President of Mestre Greve Associates in Laguna Niquel, Calif., the document establishes guidelines for best engineering practice for airport noise measurement programs and can be used to guide the installation or upgrading of systems.

"Controlling noise continues to be an issue plaguing airports throughout the world. SAE sought to establish these standards to assist airport management in monitoring noise," Mestre said.  He added that noise monitoring systems are widely used at airports and in the surrounding communities, however, standards were necessary to assure a consistent quality of measurement data.

Potential users of the systems include airport management, airport consultants, airport neighbors and governmental agencies.

ARP4721-1 was written and created by SAE International's A-21 Aircraft Noise Committee. For more information on ARP4721-1 or other SAE standards, contact SAE Corporate Communications.


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