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SAE Hybrid Symposium Fuels Technology Discussion

WARRENDALE, Pa., Feb. 17, 2007 -

Your perception of hybrids and the realities of this technology may not be one in the same.

As evidence, consider the presentations at a recent SAE Internationals “Hybrid Vehicle Technologies 2007 Symposium,” held last week in San Diego. This meeting offered multiple concepts of the hybrid, while airing the viewpoints of dozens of industry experts – from academia, the auto industry and government -- about this technology’s future. Meeting organizers included representatives of Toyota, the California Air Resources Board and Argonne National Laboratory.

For instance, if you think “a-hybrid-is-a-hybrid-is-a-hybrid,” Dennis Simanaitis, Engineering Editor of Road & Track, presented a long list of variations, ranging from the basic hybrid concept, in which a heat engine is combined with an electric motor, to “Series Hybrids,” “Parallel Hybrids,” “Full Hybrids” and even “Mild Hybrids” (which feature electric boost only).

Additionally, this meeting examined the hybrid concept through a propulsion-solution prism, placing hybrids up against a variety of environmentally friendly alternatives, such as advanced diesel and flex-fuel.

From the consumer point of view, hybrid technology is viewed as both environmentally friendly and economical. But even despite savings at the gas pump, the higher cost of purchasing a hybrid vehicle continues to impact its sales.

SAE International will continue discussion of hybrid vehicles at the SAE 2007 World Congress, April 16-19, at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. For further information or to register for media credentials, please email .