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2007 Clean Snowmobile Results Announced

WARRENDALE, Pa., March 26, 2007 - The following are the key results from the 2007 Clean Snowmobile Challenge:

  • 1st  Place – University of Idaho  
  • 2nd Place (tie) - Kettering University and University of Maine  
  • 4th Place – University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 5th Place – University of Minnesota-Duluth 
  • Zero Emissions Overall Winner – McGill University
  • SAE Award for Best Design - University of Idaho
  • SAE Award for Best Design, Zero Emissions – McGill University
  • Caterpillar Innovation Award – McGill University
  • Lowest Emissions – SUNY-Buffalo (Note – Diesel engine using B10 fuel)
  • Best Fuel Economy – University of Idaho (19.61 mpg)
  • Most Economical - University of Maine
  • Most Practical – University of Maine
  • Best Value – University of Idaho
  • Most Improved – University of Idaho
  • Quietest Snowmobile – University of Maine
  • Best Acceleration – University of Wisconsin-Platteville
  • Best Performance – University of Idaho
  • Zero Emissions Draw Bar Pull – South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Notes – (1) SUNY-Buffalo’s snowmobile was the first diesel powered snowmobile entered into CSC and, given that CSC is the only CDS competition that allows diesels, the first diesel entered into any CDS event. (2) This year’s McGill electric snowmobile is the 4th in their series and was generally recognized by the officials and judges as truly outstanding.  (3) McGill also brought a hybrid snowmobile as a demonstrator.  Their hybrid is still in development did not compete for score.  (4) University of Idaho’s team improved from 10th place in 2006 to win this year’s competition.

Detailed results including scores will be posted March 26 on the CSC Web site at




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