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SAE International Announces Results from 2007 Aero Design West

WARRENDALE, Pa., April 4, 2007 -

Heaviest Payload Lifted: #028 Georgia Institute of Technology (20.75 lbs)

Lightest Weight: #312 Queen’s University Ontario, Canada (.65 lbs)

Highest Payload Fraction: #304 University of California – Davis (.402)

Best Oral Presentation: #019 University of British Columbia

Best Technical Report: #013 Kansas State University

Best Crash: #004 University of California – Davis

SAE Design Innovation Award: #211 Saint Louis University
Innovation – Ducted Fan Design

Autodesk Communication Award:
1st      #025  University of California – Irvine
2nd     #001  South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
3rd      #018  San Jose State University

Regular Class Overall / Elliott Green Award:
1st      #013  Kansas State University
2nd     #028  Georgia Institute of Technology
3rd      #012  Michigan Tech University

Open Class Overall:
1st      #212  California State University – Long Beach
2nd     #211  Saint Louis University
3rd      #201  University of Akron

Micro Class Overall:
 1st      #312  Queen’s University Ontario, Canada
 2nd     #304  University of California – Davis
 3rd      #313  Polytechnic University - Brooklyn


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