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WARRENDALE, Pa., Feb. 11, 2008 - SAE International will host the world’s premier automotive technology event, the SAE 2008 World Congress, in Detroit on April 14-17.

It is the 75th anniversary of the event in Detroit .

“Our commitment and sense of partnership with the automobile industry is exemplified by our hosting the SAE World Congress in Detroit for three-quarters of a century,” said David L. Amati, Director of SAE’s Global Automotive Business and Automotive Headquarters. “We will be bringing more than 35,000 members of the global automotive industry to Detroit , a city that has been a gracious host for many years.”

Chrysler is the host company for the SAE 2008 World Congress and Frank Klegon, Chrysler’s executive vice president of product development, is serving as the event’s general chair. BorgWarner is the Tier One strategic partner for the SAE 2008 World Congress.

The theme for the SAE 2008 World Congress is, “A Climate for Change.”   

Among the topics slated for the SAE 2008 World Congress are industry-critical issues, such as:

·         Emissions and environmental technologies;

·         Accident-avoidance and related technologies;

·         Powertrain developments for improved fuel efficiency;

·         Materials advancements;

·         Emerging electronics and systems.

·         Cost-reduction strategies;

·         Designing for the global customer.

For more information on the SAE 2008 World Congress and/or to obtain press credentials, send your request to or 1-248-273-4092

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