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New Aerospace Standard AS5419 replaces outdated military specification

Warrendale, PA, March 4, 2003 - The AE-8D Wire and Cable Subcommittee recently completed work on AS5419, Aerospace Standard for Thermocouple Wire and Cable. This new standard was developed to fulfill the need for a replacement for MIL-W-5846, a very much-outdated military specification. It includes the specifics for the temperature sensing systems cable having thermocouple conductors instead of the typical copper and alloy materials found in most wiring. AS5419 contains a baseline specification and seven related slash sheets. They document cable versions having insulation constructions similar to those found in MIL-W-25038 fire resistant wire, MIL-W-81044 polyalkene insulated wire, MIL-W-22759 fluoropolymer insulated wire, and MIL-C-27500 shielded and twisted cable.

AE-8D is comprised of members from aerospace vehicle manufacturers, wire processors, insulation material suppliers, Department of Defense experts, and industry consultants. It addresses the needs of the aerospace community for high-performance electrical and fiber-optic cable standards. Present projects include development of AS5383, a comprehensive specification for several types of Fiber Optic Cables that are used in aircraft and space platforms, including the RAH-66 Comanche helicopter and the F-22 Raptor fighter. The subcommittee recently completed work AS4372 and AS4373, Performance and Test Requirements for Aerospace Wire, and on AIR5468, an information report on the application of UV Lasers for Aerospace Wire Marking. For more information on AE-8D activities, visit its online public forum or contact Elizabeth Demoratz, SAE, at

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