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Dr. Archie E. Dillard Receives 2002 SAE Arch T. Colwell Cooperative Engineering Medal

Warrendale, PA, June 16, 2003 - Dr. Archie E. Dillard, an aerospace engineer with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Flight Standards Service, received the 2002 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Arch T. Colwell Cooperative Engineering Medal.

This award, established in 1976, recognizes a unique and outstanding contribution over a period of time to the work of the technical committees under the SAE Technical Standards Board in developing standards, specifications, technical reports, and data through cooperative research. The medal was named in honor of Dr. Arch Colwell, its first recipient and 1941 SAE President. The intent of the award is to inspire technical committee members to greater accomplishments and the realization of satisfaction that comes from sharing their expertise with their industry.

Employed by the FAA since 1983, Dr. Dillard's duties include working with aircraft systems and operations, budget support, airports, operational evaluations and research, flight training, data collection and analysis, and engineering. In addition to serving on a number of FAA committees and panels, Dr. Dillard is active with several professional organizations, including IEEE, AIAA and SAE, where he actively supports the development of aerospace standards, recommended practices, and other resource documents.

Dr. Dillard earned his bachelor's degree in computer sciences from Texas Christian University, an MBA from Oklahoma City University, and a doctorate in behavioral psychology from Columbus University. He currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where he is married with three grown daughters.