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SAE International Standards Address Emissions from Mobile Air-Conditioning Systems

WARRENDALE, Pa., Aug. 28, 2008 - Two SAE standards that address refrigerant emissions from mobile air-conditioning systems are now available.

The standards are:

  • SAE J2727 HFC-134a, Mobile Air Conditioning System Refrigerant Emission Chart, aids in estimating the annual refrigerant emissions rate (grams per year) from new production A/C systems equipped with specified component technologies. It provides emission values for current component technologies, and can be expanded as new technologies come into use. This document provides the information to develop an Excel file template “System Emissions Chart” for system emission analysis.

    SAE J2727 was originally developed in 2004 and first published in 2005. The new update uses the original component refrigerant emission rating values and provides clearer definitions of sealing technologies and how to apply them to the J2727 System Emissions Chart, as well as an improved spreadsheet format.
  • A new companion document, SAE J2763 Test Procedure for Determining Refrigerant Emissions from Mobile Air Conditioning Systems, estimates system emissions (taking into account production assembly variation). SAE J2763 may be used to quantify emissions from properly assembled systems in a chamber (mini-shed) under a static temperature profile and under the California Air Resources Board’s Title 13 ambient profile (CARB Profile).

“As an ongoing industry effort, vehicle makers and air-conditioning system and component suppliers are continually improving the containment of refrigerant in mobile air conditioning systems,” said Ward Atkinson, chairman, SAE International Interior Climate Control Standards Committee.

Currently SAE J2727 is acknowledged by regulatory agencies including the U.S. EPA, State of California and Minnesota.


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