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Engineers Receive SAE Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award

WARRENDALE, Pa., Oct. 8, 2008 - Engineers representing companies and associations from across the globe are recipients of SAE International's Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award. They were presented the award during the 2008 Government/Industry Meeting in Washington, D.C.

The award, established in 2000, recognizes individuals and teams who make significant innovations in reducing the environmental impact caused by the transportation industry.

Recipients were honored in the following categories:

Education, Training and Public Awareness

First place:

Project title: “Energy Manual and Database”
Presenter: Faiz Yono, Chrysler
Team member: Larry Workens

About the presenter:
Yono, the Energy Manager for all Chrysler facilities in North America , has more than 25 years’ experience in industrial energy management and has implemented numerous energy initiatives that have led to reductions of electricity and natural gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Yono has a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and a master’s in engineering management from the University of Detroit .

To set up an interview with Yono, please contact Max Gates of Chrysler,

Project title: “NADA Energy Stewardship Initiative”
Presenter: Douglas Greenhaus, National Automobile Dealers Association
Team member: Isaac Post

About the presenter:
Greenhaus is the Director of Environment, Health & Safety, in the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Legal and Regulatory Affairs Group. In this role, he advises and counsels association members and staff on federal regulatory matters and has authored numerous trade publication articles and association educational guidelines.

Greenhaus earned a bachelor’s in political science and environmental studies from the University of Vermont and a doctorate from the National Law Center at George Washington University .

To set up an interview with Greenhaus, please contact Charles Cyrill of NADA Public Affairs,

Materials Development and Usage

First place:
Project title: “Development and Implementation of Soy-Based Foam on Mustang Seats”
Presenter: Cynthia Flanigan, Ford Motor Co.
Team members: Christine Perry, Deborah Mielewski, Brian Witkowski, Ali Asad (Lear Corp.), Ashford Galbreath (Lear Corp.)

About the presenter:
Flanigan has worked as a Technical Expert in the Plastics group at Ford Motor Co. Research and Advanced Engineering for seven years. She has been leading Ford’s research and development of soy-based polyols for use in automotive seating.

Flanigan received bachelor’s degrees in materials science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a doctorate from Northwestern University .

To set up an interview with Flanigan, please contact Said Deep of Ford, or 313-594-0942.

Project title: “Elimination of Chromate Conversion from Automotive Evaporators through Core Material Modifications”
Presenter: Gary Vreeland, Delphi Corp.
Team members: Lyn Porcelli, Mike Lippa, Bob Nevins, S. Pancha, David Patterson, Cynthia Tudor-Schultz, Catherine Ver, Dan Wilson

About the presenter:
Vreeland is a Senior Product Engineer at Delphi Thermal Systems working on advanced heat exchangers for automotive applications. He is a previous recipient of the Delphi Boss Kettering Award.

Vreeland earned a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from GMI Engineering & Management Institute.

To set up an interview with Vreeland, please contact Claudia Piccinin,

Mobile Energy and Emissions

First place:
Project title: “Multiple Displacement System for the HEMI Engine Improves Fuel Economy”
Presenter: Michael Bonne, Chrysler LLC
Team members: Gregory Pannone, Michael Prucka, Alan Falkowski, Mark McElwee, Dahai Wang, Robert Lee, Burke Brown

About the presenter:
Bonne, a Senior Technical Specialist at Chrysler LLC’s Powertrain Systems division, has been working in the area of automotive engine and powertrain controls since 1989. He is a past recipient of the Walter P. Chrysler award for the multiple displacement system technology used on the HEMI engine and has earned 13 patents.

Bonne received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois .

Project title: “Breakthrough in Applied Hybrid Technology”
Presenter: Mike Roeth, Navistar Inc.
Team members: VK Sharma, Jim Williams, John Randall, Randy Oetting, Randy Ray, Colin Casey, Stan Miller, Eric Sailor, Patrick Charbonneau

About the presenter:
Roeth leads the advanced engineering efforts for the Navistar family of vehicle brands. These efforts include fuel-economy improvement, emissions reduction, driver comfort and efficiency, as well as quality, cost and performance breakthroughs.

Roeth holds a bachelor’s in engineering from Ohio State University and is pursuing a master’s in organizational leadership.

To set up an in terview with Roeth, please contact Jeff Benzing of Navistar,

New Methods and Tools

First place:
Project title: “Robotic Application of MFDC Resistance Spot Welder”
Presenter: Dan Cerjanec, Chrysler, LLC
Team members: Edmund Yuen, Frank Ewasyshyn, Doug Gouin, Warren Miller, Mark Battle

About the presenter:
Cerjanec is a Senior Systems Design Engineer in the Advance Manufacturing Engineering group at Chrysler LLC and is responsible for new technology and standards. Over the last seven years, he has been working on mid-frequency DC welders using servo actuators.

Cerjanec earned a bachelor’s in electronic engineering and a master’s in global management.

To set up an interview with Cerjanec, please contact Ross Good of Chrysler,

Project title: “Continuous Smog Check Testing Program”
Presenter: Eric Berkobin, Hughes Telematics
Team members: Kevin Link, Diego Borrego, Wade Williams

About the presenter:
Berkobin is Vice President of Hughes Telematics, where he focuses on telematics systems and solutions and vehicle diagnostic data, including remote emissions testing. He holds nine utility patents.

Berkobin earned a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

To set up an interview with Berkobin, please contact Clancy Leitner of Hughes Telematics,

Recycling, Reuse, Remanufacturing

First place:
Project title: “GM Landfill Free Program”
Presenter: Mike Knoblock, General Motors
Team members: John Bradburn, Pat Beattie, Sandra Brewer, Sharon Morton, Mick Johnson, Dan McComb, Miguel Antonetti, Julie Lenz, Gina Couturier, Janelle DeWolfe, Jason Jones, Sandra Kramarich, Leonard Hanson, Carrie Brown

About the presenter:
Knoblock is Manager of Global Environmental Programs at General Motors’ Worldwide Facilities Group, which is responsible for GM’s worldwide chemical and resource management, design for the environment, and global metrics programs. He is also one of the Directors of the Chemical Strategies Partnership’s Chemical Management System Forum.

Stationary Energy and Emissions and Process Innovations

First place:
Project title: “Paint Sludge Minimization at the Source Using Microorganisms”
Presenter: Alfredo Hassanille, Delphi Delco Electronics de México, Deltronicos Operations 
Team members: Jorge Luis Hernandez Moreno , Marcilio De la Garza, Mauricio Abascal, Ramon Garcia, Gonzalo Galan, Hugo C. Diaz

About the presenter:
Hassanille is the Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Manager at Delphi Delco Electronics de Mexico.

Hassanille earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry engineering and a master’s degree in business administration from Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM).

To set up an interview with Hassanille, please contact Xochitl Diaz of Delphi ,

Project title: “Flexible Parallel Next Generation Robotic Washer/Deburr”
Presenter: Nick Amaral, Ford Motor Co.
Team members: Amando Sebastian, Stephen Laski, Dion Spurr, Rod Whitbeck, Ray Armstrong, David Bednarek, Jason Bardallis, Indy Singh

About the presenter:
Amaral is a Manufacturing Engineer at Ford Motor Co., Powertrain Operations, North American Engine. He is a lead process engineer in cylinder head machining.

Amaral holds a master’s in mechanical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is pursuing a master’s in business administration at the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business.