Team from DENSO and DuPont honored with 2003 Arch T. Colwell Merit Award

WARRENDALE, Pa. (July 27, 2005) - Denise Carlson, Hiroyuki Yamazaki, Sunao Fukuda, Christian Leboeuf and H. Peter Kasserra were selected to receive the 2003 Arch T. Colwell Merit Award. The award was presented at the Honors Convocation Luncheon during the SAE 2005 World Congress in Detroit, Michigan on April 12, 2005.

This award, established in 1965, annually recognizes the authors of papers of outstanding technical or professional merit presented at a meeting of the Society or any of its sections during the calendar year. Papers are judged primarily for their value as new contributions to existing knowledge of mobility engineering. The award was funded by the late Arch T. Colwell, who served SAE in many capacities for nearly 50 years, including a term as president in 1941. Eleven papers were selected for this year's honor, among them is the paper authored by the team listed above: "Application of Nylon Composite Recycle Technology to Automotive Parts" (2003-01-0794).

Denise CarlsonDenise Carlson
Carlson is currently manager for non-metallic materials at DENSO International. Her current responsibilities include regional development of global materials in various non-metal categories such as rubber, plastic, paint, etc. She began her career at DENSO in 1995 as a materials engineer working with thermoplastic materials. Carlson is a member of DENSO's environmental committee that considers new material development based upon environmental needs. She holds a master's degree in chemical engineering from Michigan State University.

Hiroyuki Yamazaki
Yamazaki is a manager within the Materials Engineering R&D Department of DENSO Corporation. His current responsibilities include quality control in new product development, targeting both material and processing. He began his career at DENSO in 1987 as a materials engineer. The areas in which he has been working include plastics material development for automotive parts and environmental engineering especially for recycling of plastic materials for end-of-life vehicles. He holds a master's degree of science and engineering from University of Tsukuba.

Sunao Fukuda
Fukuda is a general manager in the Cooling Systems & Components Eng. & Quality Assurance Dept. at DENSO MARSTON Ltd. He has been working closely with the engine cooling systems in the development of advanced high
performance heat exchangers. Fukuda received his bachelor's in mechanical engineering from The HIiroshima University in 1983.

Christian Leboeuf
Leboeuf is a senior research scientist at E.I. du Pont Canada Co. He started his career at du Pont in 1979, at the Research and Development Center in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He is currently the project lead in Kingston, responsible for the development of du Pont's Composite Recycle Technology. Leboeuf is also technology leader for one of du Pont's Packaging & Industrial Polymer projects on metallized PP-based films for Food & Beverage packaging. Leboeuf holds a Ph.D. from the University of Montreal in organic photochemistry.

H. Peter Kasserra
Kasserra was principal research scientist at DuPont Canada, Inc. until his retirement in 2002. He was employed for 35 years by the company at its Research & Business Development Centre in Kingston, Ontario. He is now working under contract on projects utilizing his expertise in polymer recycling. Dr. Kasserra holds a master's in chemical engineering from the University of Toronto and a doctorate from the University of Ottawa in biophysical chemistry. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario.