Four aeronautical engineers to be honored with the 2005 SAE Aerospace Chair Award

WARRENDALE, Pa. (August 3, 2005) - Dr. Reuben Chandrasekharan, Mr. Peter G. Amos, Mr. Bobby H. Crumb and Mr. Thomas Nemcheck have been selected to receive the 2005 Aerospace Chair Award on behalf of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The four will be presented with their awards on Tuesday, October 4 during the SAE 2005 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport Area of Texas.

The award, established in 1997, recognizes outstanding leadership demonstrated by chairs of committees under the SAE Aerospace Council and Air & Space Group.

Air & Space Group Recipient

Dr. Reuben Chandrasekharan Dr. Reuben Chandrasekharan
Chandrasekharan serves as chair of the Aerodynamics Committee and the Aerospace Technologies Activity. He is credited with leading the Committee in the development and organization of 16 sessions for the World Aviation Congress and the General Aviation Technology Conference since 2003. Chandrasekharan is Section Chief of Advanced Aerodynamics at Bombardier Learjet. He has been with Bombardier Learjet since 1990, supporting the development of Model 60, Model 45 and Challenger 300 business jets. His areas of expertise are advanced design, aerodynamics, CFD, icing and wind tunnel testing. He holds a master's degree in aeronautical engineering from the Indian Institute of Science and a Ph.D. in the same subject area from the University of Texas at Austin.

Aerospace Council Recipients

Peter G. AmosMr. Peter G. Amos
Amos is Chairman of Committee A-6, Aerospace Actuation, Control and Fluid Power Systems. He was instrumental in taking the Committee A-6 to its first European meeting in Toulouse. He also has significantly reorganized the Committee to simplify its structure and voting procedures, and has added new panels to reflect the fast-growing fields of electrohydrostatic actuation and electromechanical actuation. Amos is director of global sales and engineering at Parker Hannifin Corporation, CSS Division. He was formerly senior vice president of The Advanced Products Company and vice president aerospace engineering of The Lee Company. Amos holds 4 U.S. and European patents (pending or issued) in the field of advanced technology sealing and has published papers in the fields of sealing and hydraulics. He holds a bachelor's degree in physics with honors from the University of Birmingham, England and has attended the Bristol Polytechnic General Management Program.

Bobby H. CrumbMr. Bobby H. Crumb
Crumb currently serves as chair of the SAE Connectors Committee (AE 8C1). Along with his meritorious service as chair for this Committee, he has also been instrumental in the coordination of the Mil Spec conversion effort, the implementation of the Aerospace Standards Amendment process, and the document sponsor of industry recognized wiring standards. Crumb works as a senior staff electrical engineer at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, leading the F/A-22 Component Engineering Team, which is responsible for the mechanical, electrical, fiber optics and hydraulic components and their installation processes on the F/A-22 program. He has been involved for approximately 40 years with the development of electrical wire and electrical/fiber optics cables, connectors and other miscellaneous electrical components and their associated specifications.
Along with his work on the AE-8C1 Committee, he is an active member of the AE-8A Wiring and System Installation, AE-8C2 Terminating Devices and AE-8D Wire and Cable subcommittees. Crumb holds a bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics from Carson-Newman College.

Thomas NemcheckMr. Thomas Nemcheck
Nemcheck has performed a noteworthy job as Aerospace Landing Gear Systems (A-5) Technical Committee Chair. He works as a technical manager at Aircraft Braking Systems Corporation in Akron, Ohio in the areas of design and manufacturing integration, and material review board engineering. Previously, he worked as an aircraft wheel and brake project engineer on the Northrop Grumman F-5E, the McDonnell Douglas DC10-10 and North American Rockwell B-1. He also served as director of advanced technology for Goodyear Aerospace Corporation and Loral. He served on FAA's ARAC TSO-C135 Working Group. Nemcheck has authored/sponsored several SAE documents including ARP5481 Recommended Wheel Tie Bolt Preload Procedure, AIR5052 Crack Initiation and Growth Considerations for Landing Gear Steel with Emphasis on AerMet 100, ARP813B Maintainability Recommendations for Aircraft Wheel and Brake Design, AIR4762 Compilation of Freezing Brake Experience and Suggested Designs and Operating Procedures Required to Prevent Its Occurrence, and ARP5146 Assessment of Aircraft Wheel Sealing Systems. He also holds a patent for an aircraft Pressure Balanced Brake Stack. Nemcheck is a member of the Sigma Tau honorary fraternity and SAE. He holds bachelor's and master's ME degrees from the University of Akron and a PE license in Ohio.