EPGAA Glass Breaking Demonstration at SAE Government and Industry Meeting

Contact: Marc Harlow
+1 (810) 599-2558

What: Demonstration of the high-impact resistant glass technology of laminated glass.

When: SAE Government and Industry Meeting, Jan. 26, 27, 2011, 2:15 pm each day.

Where: Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C.

EPGAA, an industry association that promotes the benefits of laminated glass, will demonstrate the impact resistance of laminated glass at the SAE Government and Industry meeting, held in conjunction with the Washington D.C. Auto Show. Laminated glass takes longer for a thief to break than conventional tempered glass in automotive applications. According to the EPGAA, laminated glass can protect the vehicle and contents for about 30 seconds—long enough to deter most would-be thieves. Even after the glass portion is broken, the plastic interlayer of the laminated glass construction provides increased resistance against intruders. Laminated glass provides up to 10 times the penetration resistance of standard tempered glass.

The EPGAA will also discuss the other benefits of laminated glass, including its solar benefits. The solar benefits include significant impact on the environment through the reduction in CO2 emissions from vehicles, the increase in vehicle comfort and the contribution to a reduction in the nation's dependence on foreign oil. Solar Glazing technology is designed to reduce the solar heat load in the vehicle so that the work load of the air conditioning system is also reduced.

About the EPGAA
The Enhanced Protective Glass Automotive Association (EPGAA), composed of glass and laminate suppliers, provides information and education on the development of laminated glass for improved fuel efficiency, vehicle security, occupant comfort and safety. For more information on the EPGAA, visit www.epgaa.com.