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Kl�ber Lubrication Will Introduce New Dampening Greases at SAE 2008

Londonderry, NH - (January 25, 2008) - Kl�ber Lubrication North America L.P. will introduce a new line of dampening greases at the SAE 2008 Show, April 14-17, in Detroit, MI. The new range of greases are designed for operating comfort, combined with reliable component function, even at freezing temperatures.

The greases provide excellent flow even at temperatures as low as -40�C (-40�F), while creating a strong dampening and noise-reducing effect. Defined operating forces can be set in the component to be lubricated, and tolerances can be compensated for.

Based on its experience in the automotive industry, Kl�ber has found that car owners increasingly expect minimized noise and smooth, continuous operation of control elements in their vehicles. Special dampening greases can help enhance the functions of switches, levers and window lifters by eliminating irritating noises that may be caused by friction and vibrations. At the same time, these lubricants have a mechanical dampening effect, ensuring an optimized operating feel when adjusting arm rests or seats, or actuating switches.

For more information about Kl�ber's new line of dampening greases, please visit booth 728 at the SAE 2008 Show or visit the Kl�ber Web site at www.kluber.com.

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