KRAMSKI North America achieves medical and environmental certifications

LARGO, FLORIDA: As a step toward continued growth and success in the new decade, Kramski North America, Inc. is now certified in accordance with ISO 13485 : 2003. This standard represents the requirements for a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. At the same time, Kramski has also attained certification to ISO 14001 : 2004 which is the standard for an in-depth environmental management system. The aim of the standard is to reduce the environmental footprint of a business and to decrease the pollution and waste a business produces. Kramski continues to maintin certifications to ISO/TS 16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001 as a valued supplier in the automotive sector.

Kramski manufactures a wide range of precision metal stampings, injection molded parts, and insert molded components used in end products such as automotive electronics, fuel injectors, solar arrays, and medical devices. Kramski North America is a subsidiary of Kramski GmbH of Pforzheim, Germany. Additional manufacturing facilities are located in Sri Lanka and India to serve a global marketplace, with each of the four locations maintaining similar certifications. For more information, please visit