Methode Electronics Unveils Mobile Technology & Design Center

Methode's mobile center highlights the company's latest technologies

DETROIT, October 16, 2008 -- Methode Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: MEI), will be unveiling its Mobile Technology & Design Center at Convergence 2008, which begins October 20 and ends October 22 at Cobo Center in Detroit. Methode will drive its Mobile Technology & Design Center (Booth #1439), an 18-wheel semi trailer affixed with the latest Methode technologies, into the exposition hall. Inside the truck are interactive demonstrations of the technologies and examples of current products.

Attendees will have an up-close look at some of Methode's leading technologies that include:

  • Methode's Magna-lastic Devices Incorporated (MDI) designs and manufactures non-contact sensing systems. These sensing solutions are designed to enhance automotive performance by providing a variety of operational measurements including: torque, speed, linear position, load, force, or any combination of these process variable measurements simultaneously.
  • Methode, with its partner Lumidigm, the world leader in multispectral biometrics, is developing biometric identity sensor and management technology. The biometric sensor reads unique surface and subsurface characteristics of the finger to recognize an individual and trigger any number of personalized settings and functions in automotive applications. Multispectral technology has been successfully deployed in industries ranging from entertainment to banking and healthcare.
  • Methode's Field-Effect™ sensing technology from TouchSensor Technologies operates by creating an electric field through a decorated control panel. The technology, which replaces traditional switch technologies, can sense through plastics, glass, leather, and a variety of other materials. This technology also enhances the ability to "deadfront" and/or provide backlighting to interface panels.
  • Methode's power products offer solutions for a variety of power distribution applications. With a global network of full-capability design and manufacturing facilities, products include machined, laminated and powder coated bus bars, extremely flexible power cables, assemblies and termination hardware, very low insertion force power connectors, pluggable rail bus bar and cable connector systems and complete thermal management technology.

To see what Methode's technologies can do for your applications, please visit Methode's Mobile Technology & Design Center at Booth #1439.

About Methode Electronics
Methode Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: MEI) is a global designer and manufacturer of electro-mechanical devices with manufacturing, design and testing facilities in the United States, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Malta, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore and United Kingdom. We design, manufacture and market human machine interfaces, sensors, and power distribution products employing mechanical, electrical, electronic, wireless, optical, and software technologies to convey information and control equipment/machine performance. Our business is managed on a segment basis, with those segments being Automotive, Interconnect, Power Products and Other. Our solutions and components are in the primary end user markets of automotive, transportation, appliance, consumer electronics, computer information processing and networking, voice and data communication systems, machinery and industrial equipment, mil/aerospace, and medical. Further information can be found on Methode's Web site

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