SAE International and PAMA Announce Affiliation Agreement

WARRENDALE, Pa. (July 22, 2005) - The Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) was approved for affiliation with the Society of Automotive Engineers by the SAE International Board of Directors today during its meeting in New York. PAMA's board earlier approved the association with the Society of Automotive Engineers, which will take place through the SAE Institute.

"SAE International and the SAE Institute welcome the inclusion of PAMA," J.E. "Ted" Robertson, P.E., SAE International 2005 president, said. "We are pleased that in our Centennial year we can offer PAMA's members the benefits of SAE membership, while still allowing this organization to retain its well-defined profile. Among the benefits for SAE, the affiliation provides expanded presence in the total product life cycle related to maintenance of aircraft. This truly is a win-win agreement for all involved."

"PAMA looks forward to strengthening the relationship between maintenance and engineering and I am confident the industry will embrace our partnership," PAMA Chairman Dave Orcutt said.

In addition to receiving status benefits of SAE membership for its 3,000 members, PAMA's relationship with the SAE Institute also will provide a connection to SAE for administrative, publishing and distribution services as well as marketing and public relations activities.

PAMA headquarters is located in Alexandria, Va. SAE International, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, is located in Warrendale, Pa.; SAE has 89,000 members worldwide.