Tactilus� Door Seal Sensor System Provides Pressure Profiling in Real-Time

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Madison, NJ - April 1, 2009 - Sensor Products Inc. introduces the Tactilus� Door Seal Sensor System which analyzes contact pressure between the seal of a door and the rubber seal of a vehicle. Using piezoresistive sensors, the pressure-mapping system displays detailed pictures and statistical data instantly through its user-friendly Windows-based software that is easily installed on a standard laptop. Proper placement and construction of seals has a dramatic effect on wind noise, waterproofing, vibration, fuel efficiency and air quality. Through the Tactilus� Door Seal Sensor System, the fit and pressure uniformity of the door seal can be verified and surface defects, abrasion marks, and voids quickly exposed. All data can be recorded for future use and is available in a variety of graphical and statistical formats. As a result of using the Tactilus� Door Seal Sensor System, the manufacturer may find it necessary to make changes to the door seal or the actual body of the vehicle. The Tactilus� Door Seal Sensor System is portable, and it is also fully customizable.

The Tactilus� system comes equipped with all components necessary to collect data for comprehensive analysis, including a matrix-based sensor mat, controller, and user-friendly software. It is one of many automotive applications that can be designed and tested using Tactilus�, including brakes, clamping, impact tests, seating, lamination, tire tread footprints and wiper efficiency.

The upgraded feature-rich software of Tactilus� offers 2-D and 3-D imaging, region-of-interest viewing, longitudinal and latitudinal analysis, graphical displays of data in bar, pressure vs. time, line scan, histogram and isobar charts, statistical analysis of average/minimum/maximum pressures, total force over any selected area and more. The data may also be exported to virtually any third party software.

For more information about Tactilus� contact Sensor Products Inc. at 1.973.884.1755(USA), email info@sensorprod.com or visit www.sensorprod.com/tactilus

About Sensor Products Inc. (USA)
Headquartered in New Jersey and established in 1990, Sensor Products Inc. is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of tactile pressure indicating solutions. Their customized and off-the-shelf products are installed within all of the Fortune 500 industrial companies as well as thousands of smaller manufacturing firms. Their sensors are used in applications as diverse as tire testing to semiconductor manufacturing and from R&D labs to space missions. Additionally, Sensor Products provides in-house and on-site stress and pressure mapping analysis, as well as a variety of technical seminars throughout the United States.

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