SMD-resistor series VMx: unique performance features

Current sensing and control are increasingly needed due in automotive applications due to the greater dynamics requiring higher currents as well as the need to be economic with the use of electrical energy. The new VMx resistor series by Isabellenh�tte brings together a unique set of performance features to meet these needs.

The VMx precision resistors offer optimal heat dissipation, thus causing only a minor increase in temperature and a very low associated resistance drift even at high loads. Some examples of applications are electronic control units in the automotive industry, power modules, frequency converters, and switching power supplies. In addition, the VMx resistors can be used as sensor resistors for power hybrids.

The VMx resistors' pre-tinned, circumferential connecting contacts conform to standard industry form factors while its soldering junctions are visible for Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI). Depending on component size (versions 0805, 1206, 2010 und 2512), their values range is between 5 mOhm and 2 Ohm. The resistors are characterised by a comparatively very high power loss, for instance, 3 W for version 2512 (at an ambient temperature of 110 �C) and a low thermal internal resistance.

The use of the resistor material Zeranin� leads to further advantages: a negligible thermoelectric power versus copper (below 1 �V/K) and excellent long term stability (better than 0.3% under maximum load). Furthermore, Zeranin� allows for a resistance value almost independent of temperature with a temperature coefficient of below 20 ppm/K over the entire working temperature range of -40 �C to +170 �C.

Isabellenh�tte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG is one of Germany's leading manufacturers of passive components as well as thermoelectric and resistance alloys and specialist for current sensing products for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Recently, the company has appointed an US Automotive Business Development Manager: Mr. Ralph Sorrentino, who is based in Detroit, Michigan, is responsible for all business development activities of Isabellenh�tte's automotive products in North America.

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