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Technical Paper
V. Dunaevsky, S. Alexandrov, F. Barlat
With consideration of the importance (for oil passing and blow-by) of the issue of three-dimensional deformation of piston rings in a cylinder due to either installation stress, or operational gas, friction, and thermal loads the subject of piston ring distortions still generates continuing interest. The current paper demonstrates application of a mathematical model developed in the former works of the authors for analysis of the distortions of arbitrary cross-section rings loaded by tangential force. Applications of the model to the several typical cross-sections are given for illustration. The work is a necessary step for the development of a comprehensive three-dimensional theory of piston ring installation and operational distortions.
Technical Paper
V. V. Dunaevsky, J. T. Sawicki, J. Frater, H. Chen
The objective of this paper is to present the results of an investigation of elastic distortions of split piston rings that are used in lubricated and non-lubricated air brake compressors. Concepts of advanced stress analysis and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) have been employed in this study. The analysis of elastic distortions (twist) of piston rings due to the installation stresses has been quite poorly documented in the technical literature. As a result, unjustifiable engineering assumptions are some time made which result in misleading design solutions. This paper demonstrates analytically and with the support of FEA the mechanical/geometrical parameters of a split ring which affect the twist of the ring during the installation in the cylinder bore, and the calculated magnitude of this twist along the ring circumference.
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