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Technical Paper
Stephen H. Hill, Joseph L. Dodd
A new automobile diesel engine concept has been developed to the preliminary engine design level and demonstrated by simulating vehicle tests with a computer model using steady state engine dynamometer data. The preliminary design is a six cylinder, swirl chamber diesel of 209 CID and 130 GHP. This concept engine weighs 495 pounds and employs turbocharging, variable compression ratio, high prechamber-main chamber volume ratio and exhaust gas recirculation. An existing automobile diesel was modified to simulate the concept engine and steady state engine tests were conducted. Test results were converted to urban cycle results for a 3000 pound GVW vehicle through the use of a computer model. Emission results (Grams/Mile) are .21 NOX, .24 HC, and 1.24 CO. Fuel consumption (Miles/Gallon) is 30.3 urban cycle and 36.4 highway cycle. Vehicle cycle results at 3700 pounds GVW meet all emission requirements and exceed the future 27.5 MPG requirement by ten percent.
Technical Paper
J.R. Grundy, L.R. Kiley, E.A. Brevick
This paper addresses the development of the Teledyne Continental Motors' (TCM) AVCR 1360-2 variable compression ratio (VCR) diesel engine. This is the culmination of fifteen years of VCR piston and high specific output research. The unique configuration and resulting performance of this 335 BMEP engine are presented. The special features of the engine design which were refined during the AVCR 1360-2 development phase are discussed. Those features accentuated are the VCR piston system, the X-pump fuel injection system and the high pressure ratio induction system. Programs for development of satisfactory steady state and transient performance and the design modifications necessary to reduce the peak transient smoke burst to acceptable levels are described.
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